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Selling Solutions - Proven best practices

Posted by on April 25, 2018 5:43 am

Great article on the new solution sales process noting tactics of TOP technology sales performers.

My two takeaways to effectively sell IoT Solutions are to seek out emerging demand and then coach customers on how to buy.  

That seems to be exactly how my conversations are going with IoT prospects.  They don’t always know what they need or what is out there and they need guidance on how they can get it.  Once we get the conversation going in this direction, they are onboard with sharing because they see the substantial benefits.

Your existing customers may not realize that they have minimal visibility into drivers in their organization leaving them exposed to risk and inefficiency.  They may not realize that they are overspending on lighting when they could change out to LED lights and realize immediate 40-60 savings plus higher quality lighting and remote control tools.  They may not realize that there are tools to monitor their lone workers and at-risk workers ensuring a more safe work environment, fewer injuries and fewer sick days taken.